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The 411 on Bonaire with Kids

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Melinda Crow

Melinda Crow is the author of four Falcon Guides, including the newest editions of Camping New Mexico and Camping Colorado. Daughter Alyssa traveled with Crow and photographer husband Gary from the age of 3 months. Together they covered more than 30 states and 25 countries, traveling by plane, train, car, and cruise ship.  Crow’s writing, primarily about soft adventure and culinary travel, has appeared in regional and national magazines and online on Travel Pulse, Yahoo Travel, The New York Post, Fox News, and her own website,FirstRead.me. Follow her on Twitter: @MelindaCrow and on Facebook:Melinda Crow Writes.
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Situated deep in the Southern Caribbean, just fifty miles off the coast of Venezuela, Bonaire is part of the island string known as the “ABC Islands” of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. With its pristine reefs, Bonaire has long been known as a diver’s paradise. It’s one of the best places in the world to experience … Continue reading The 411 on Bonaire with Kids

The 411 on Peru’s Sacred Valley with Kids

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Victoria Westmacott

Co-founder at Globetotting.com
Victoria is the co-founder of globetotting.com, a website for adventurous family travel. Together with her husband and two children, Victoria has lived in Vietnam and India and is currently based in Panama City. She calls both the UK and Spain home. Follow her on Instagram: globetotting, Twitter: @globetotting, and on Facebook: globetotting.
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The Sacred Valley, or El Valle Sagrado, sits between Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru and was once the heart of the Incan Empire. Carved out by the Urubamba River, this beautiful valley sits at 2,792 m (9,160 ft) at its lowest point and makes a great first port of call for families travelling in … Continue reading The 411 on Peru’s Sacred Valley with Kids

The 411 on Quito with Kids

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Veronique Autphenne

Véronique Autphenne grew up on three different continents and has had a passion for travel ever since she can remember. She has settled in Alexandria, VA, and still travels as often as possible with her husband John and three boys. She started Pax Travel Design to help busy families realize their travel dreams while staying sane in the process. Vero runs the blog, Belgium with Kids, wrote the e-book Brussels with Kids, and co-founded All Over the Map. Follow her on Twitter: @veroautphenne and on Facebook: Pax Travel Design. Her favorite moments, both on the road and at home, tend to involve food, family, and lots of laughter.
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Although it’s rarely a destination in and of itself, but rather a pit stop for most travelers en route to the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon, Quito is a fantastic place to spend time with children. Wrapped in the majestic beauty of the Andes surrounding it, Quito has a large green urban park where kids … Continue reading The 411 on Quito with Kids