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The 411 on Northeast Alabama with Kids

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Shelly Rivoli

Founder, Editor, & Chief Adventure Officer at Family Travel 411 and Travels with Baby
Shelly Rivoli is the award-winning author behind the Travels with Baby guidebooks and Travels with Baby website and blog, and is the founding editor of Family Travel 411. When she isn't traveling with her husband and three children, she hangs her hat in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow her on Twitter: @travelswithbaby and Facebook: Shelly Rivoli.
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“Do you see that dark triangle up there?” Our guide kept his flashlight fixed on the same dark spot overhead. “That’s a shark’s tooth.” I chuckled for a moment, until I realized he was completely serious. There, in the northeastern corner of Alabama, in a vast cavern in the foothills of Appalachia, was a fossilized … Continue reading The 411 on Northeast Alabama with Kids

The 411 on Dublin with Kids

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Jody Halsted

Impassioned Ireland Traveler, Vacation Coach, and Author of at Ireland Family Vacations
Jody is the author of the new guidebook Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams. Her love affair with Eire began when she was a single traveler and did not dissipate upon her marriage and the birth of two children. If anything, traveling in Ireland with family has only deepened Jody’s love of the country.

Though she’s not been everywhere in Ireland (yet), her family travels annually to those verdant shores, always exploring new locations and making new friends along the way. When she’s not traveling, Jody is homeschooling her two daughters or attempting to find her long lost Irish ancestor deep in the pages of forgotten history. During her “down time,” Jody enjoys reading and spending time with her husband Doug, a software developer and IT specialist. Follow her on Twitter: @irelandfamtrvl and Facebook: Ireland Family Vacations, and visit Jody's website:
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Ireland is a country that is tailor made for families seeking a magical vacation. Fearless knights can explore castles from the darkest dungeon to the highest battlements. Pretty pixies will find proof that faeries are real. The land that inspired C. S. Lewis to create his magical Narnia will charm your family like no other … Continue reading The 411 on Dublin with Kids