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The 411 on Havana with Kids

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Victoria Westmacott

Co-founder at Globetotting.com
Victoria is the co-founder of globetotting.com, a website for adventurous family travel. Together with her husband and two children, Victoria has lived in Vietnam and India and is currently based in Panama City. She calls both the UK and Spain home. Follow her on Instagram: globetotting, Twitter: @globetotting, and on Facebook: globetotting.
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For many travelers, Havana feels more like a movie set than it does a living, breathing city. Everyday folk go about their business in 1950s Chevrolets, Buicks, and Fords and you half expect a director to pop up from behind a camera at any given moment to shout, “Cut!” Its lively and vibrant backdrop of … Continue reading The 411 on Havana with Kids