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The 411 on Brussels with Kids

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Veronique Autphenne

Véronique Autphenne grew up on three different continents and has had a passion for travel ever since she can remember. She has settled in Alexandria, VA, and still travels as often as possible with her husband John and three boys. She started Pax Travel Design to help busy families realize their travel dreams while staying sane in the process. Vero runs the blog, Belgium with Kids, wrote the e-book Brussels with Kids, and co-founded All Over the Map. Follow her on Twitter: @veroautphenne and on Facebook: Pax Travel Design. Her favorite moments, both on the road and at home, tend to involve food, family, and lots of laughter.
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If waffles, comic books, and chocolate don’t tempt the kids, then maybe mussels and beer will make up for it for the grownups. Brussels is a can’t-miss family destination, with a surprisingly large amount of green space, fantastic museums, and a culinary tradition that will make your mouth water. Kids will get a kick out … Continue reading The 411 on Brussels with Kids