View from Highway 50 nearing South Lake Tahoe

South Tahoe Snow Story – In Photos

There was no telling what the weather would do next the week leading up to our recent family snow trip to South Lake Tahoe. Flooding, ice, avalanche advisories followed by a blizzard known as “Snowpocalypse 2017”–and a complete shutdown of Interstate 80 leading from the Bay Area to Tahoe for a time. But over the two days before our anticipated arrival, Tahoe dug itself out. And Sunday morning greeted us with sunshine and clear roads the whole way through.


View from Highway 50 nearing South Lake Tahoe, finally clear after the snowpocalypse 2017
View from CA Highway 50 nearing South Lake Tahoe

Are we almost there yet??? Please, please, just let us stop and play in some TAHOE SNOW!

stop sign buried in snow near Tahoe
A side road after the “snowpocalpyse 2017”– a good day to stick to the main roads driving around Tahoe…

Hey! This looks like a good place to stop for “a little” snow…

Smiling dad carrying snow sleds near Tahoe
Expert car trip packer–this dad is ready for fun at every stop.

Good thing Dad packed the sleds on top. You never know when you might need to suddenly stop and sled.

a boy enjoys a winter wonderland of snow after the Snowpacolypse 2017
Whose woods these are we cannot tell! The trees are covered in snow so well…

Yeah, baby! We found, oh, just a little snow!

Kids digging deep into snow near Tahoe
Our human snow gauges.

Let’s see just how deep it is!

only boots stick out from hole in snow dug by kid
Overly ambitious?

Whew! This is some deep snow!

South fork of the American River lined with snow.
South fork of the American River lined with snow.

Hey, what’s mom doing standing waist deep in the powder with her camera–next to the river?!

South Fork of the American River with snow and ice
South Fork of the American River with snow and ice

Mom, next time you should bring snow shoes!

Snow already melts from the tallest trees touched by the sun
Snow already melts from the tallest trees touched by the sun

All right, everyone…let’s finish the drive now. We’re almost to South Lake Tahoe!

child throwing snow into air with backlighting through the powder
Barely out of the car and look! A “powder puff”!

We made it! And look at all the great snow right outside the hotel! (See more recommendations for activities, dining & lodging in the related post The 411 on South Tahoe with Kids – Winter Edition.

two girls, sisters, throw snow into the air in the woods near Lake Tahoe
Snow sisters!

And then there were two…

kids frolicking in snow
Kids and snow. A match made in Tahoe.

All right, time for some more snowslporation – and snowdigging – and snowEATING!

boy smiles in snow in woods eating snow near Tahoe
Stay hydrated. Eat snow.

Ack! This stuff is COLD! Brain freeze!

Dad getting packed with snow by kids
Do you wanna build a snow dad???

Quick! Now’s our chance to make a snow man! (AKA snow dad).

Three kids sledding at Tahoe
Great sledding!

Sweet! We can just walk to this great sledding hill from our hotel room in three minutes! (Right behind Heavenly Village.) And we can sled as long as we please–and it’s free!

sunset through snowy branches at south lake tahoe
Sunset. #snowfilter

And so the sun sets on a great first day of snow play…

white lights above ice skating rink at Heavenly Village
Ice skating at Heavenly Village.

Time to stroll on down through Heavenly Village…

Two pints of beer by a blazing fire at Base Camp Pizza at night in South Lake Tahoe

…and let Mom and Dad enjoy a pint by the fire while we await our dinner at Base Camp Pizza. What a perfect day!

There’s still plenty of time to plan your family’s snow vacation in South Lake Tahoe, one of our favorite winter wonderlands. And if you go, don’t overlook the recommendations in The 411 on South Lake Tahoe with Kids – Winter Edition and How South Tahoe’s “The Loft” and “Magic Fusion” Get it Right for Families.

Tahoe South Snow Story - South Lake Tahoe with Kids
Tahoe South Snow Story – South Lake Tahoe with Kids
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    1. Thanks! They came from 3 different cameras (phone, waterproof cam, big cam)–still not sure where everything is, but I found enough to piece together the main narrative! It was a great time and WHAT SNOW!

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