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Jody is the author of the new guidebook Planning the Ireland Vacation of Your Dreams. Her love affair with Eire began when she was a single traveler and did not dissipate upon her marriage and the birth of two children. If anything, traveling in Ireland with family has only deepened Jody’s love of the country. Though she’s not been everywhere in Ireland (yet), her family travels annually to those verdant shores, always exploring new locations and making new friends along the way. When she’s not traveling, Jody is homeschooling her two daughters or attempting to find her long lost Irish ancestor deep in the pages of forgotten history. During her “down time,” Jody enjoys reading and spending time with her husband Doug, a software developer and IT specialist. Follow her on Twitter: @irelandfamtrvl and Facebook: Ireland Family Vacations, and visit Jody's website:

Ten Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Ireland with Kids

No longer seen as a destination exclusively for honeymooners and the tour bus crowd, Ireland is quickly becoming known as a family travel destination and with good reason. For families eager for their first taste of Europe in particular,  Ireland’s magic, culture, and minimal language barrier make it an ideal point of entry (that lyrical … Continue reading Ten Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Ireland with Kids

The 411 on County Clare with Kids

Thatch-roofed cottages amid a maze of stone walls, fluffy sheep sprinkling the rocky hills, towering cliffs marching in formation to meet the crash of the ocean, and the promise of unrivaled craic and entertainment. County Clare, in the heart of Ireland’s western shores, awaits visitors with the stuff Irish travel dreams are made of: castles, megalithic … Continue reading The 411 on County Clare with Kids

The 411 on Ireland’s County Kerry with Kids

Ireland is a land of magic and mystery, castles and cliffs, faeries and friendly people. In other words, Ireland is an ideal vacation destination for families. Yet in this land filled with ‘must visit’ destinations, the county of Kerry may have a few more ‘musts’ than most. Located in Ireland’s ‘Sunny Southwest’, County Kerry is … Continue reading The 411 on Ireland’s County Kerry with Kids